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Project Management

• A successful play requires a solid base, which begins with a competent project manager. Our land managers maintain good communication with our clients to keep them up to date on progress and changing situations as well as collaborating on how to best handle changing circumstances—either by rapid response to negate unforeseen problems or to pro-actively take advantage of new found opportunities.

• We feel that supplying the most accurate and up to date information available has little benefit to our clients unless this information is transmitted to them in the most timely, useful, and efficient manner possible.


Leasehold Take-Offs

• Leasehold Position Report of a particular geographical area.

• To provide the client with all of the necessary information regarding acreage, whether leased, unleased, or held by production, as well as any other pertinent data requested by the client.

• A leasehold take-off can range from a “quick” take-off where the most current leases are reviewed to a complete take-off where full tract ownership and mineral interests under each lease is determined.

Leasehold Acquisitions

At Unoco PLS, we understand that we are selling the reputation of our clients and the oil business in general when we meet potential lessors. We acquire the greatest mineral interest at the best terms possible, while at the same time, being scrupulously honest and dealing with the highest integrity. We realize that the field landman is the client’s ambassador to the landowners. His face may be the only representative of the client that the landowner will ever see.

Since our landmen often work as a team on a project, they are required to keep contact logs with names, addresses, legal descriptions, phone numbers, means of contact, and any other pertinent data so there is no duplication of effort and contact. This alleviates the problem of creating a false sense of competition being conveyed to potential lessors.


Certified Abstracts

Unoco landmen, can take several hundred or even thousands of applicable documents and enter them on a cd or dvd and save a lot of storage space. There is also the advantage of being able to send a cd to the attorney doing the title opinion, the landman doing curative, the client’s land department and anyone else the client deems necessary or helpful. These certified abstracts are also hyper-linked which makes them an extremely helpful tool to those using them.

We will also do a hard-copy abstract of title if that is preferred, but either way, whether digital or hard copy; our abstracts are of the highest quality, accuracy and caliber.

We work closely with our clients to make sure all rules and regulations are followed to ensure that they receive a quality product that exceeds their standards.


Title Curative

Our landmen are trained to run title, finding applicable documents to the tracts in question, analyze the information collected, determine whether any title is defective and whether any defects found can be cured.

We are fully capable of drafting any necessary curative instruments, whether is it a subordination of mortgages, ratifications by life tenants, remaindermen, anyone possibly having an outstanding interest, quit-claim deeds, affadavits of non-production, idem sonans, or any other instruments that might clarify possible issues. Thus, pro-actively handling potential problems when they can be more efficiently and economically cured and the information fresh.


Due Diligence

When our clients acquire leases from other entities we do the best research possible given the usually short period of time allowed. We capitalize on that time frame to make a reasoned judgment as to the validity of the acreage being offered.

At Unoco PLS, we can do a statistical sampling, if time is short, or a complete title examination if time permits, given the economics of the situation.

Mineral/ Surface Title Research

Unoco PLS landmen are used to running title in some of the most severed mineral areas in the nation. We have backgrounds in both Congressional (Rectangular) Survey and metes and bounds descriptions. We are issue oriented and are constantly on the alert for anything that can cloud, negate, or encumber the interest being acquired.

Since a large majority of our landmen are attorneys, looking for issues is second nature to us. We, not only, provide the most accurate and extensive title research available, we are also aware of the laws and regulations concerning oil and gas title in many different states.

Our landmen put in a full day at the courthouse. We are there when it opens and leave when it closes. We also spend countless hours compiling information and documents after courthouse hours and on weekends.

Surface/Mineral/Royalty Purchasing

Division Order Analysis

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